Hawes Real Estate & Property Management

Since 1957 we’ve worked with property owners to help maximize the return on their rental properties through comprehensive and responsive service and reliable results.


Menifee Property Management

Since 1957 we’ve worked with property owners to help maximize the return on their rental properties through comprehensive and responsive service and reliable results.

Screen Tenants Thoroughly

Our applicant screening process ensures that you will have well-qualified tenants for your property. Our screening and verification process includes credit checks, background checks, rental history verification and employment verification.

Property Maintenance

As a full service property management company we have the ability to handle any maintenance issues that could arise from your property. We also work with an assortment of qualified professionals to guarantee we can take care of any maintenance issue large or small.

Market Value for Your Property

We do a comprehensive market analysis to ensure that your property is listed at market value. Whether it is while placing a new tenant or renewing a lease, we will ensure your property is listed and rented at the current market value for the property size and location. Let us use the combination of our experience and market analysis to help you maximize your returns.

Online Access

As an owner you will have online access to your owner portal which allows you to view monthly statements, lease documents, account information and more. Your tenant will also have access to a tenant portal which they can use to make online payments and create maintenance work orders.

Trusted, Experienced Property Managers

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Let our Experience work for you

By putting our experience to work for you, we can work together to ensure that your property is on track to meeting your long term goals.

Support 24/7

With our in-house maintenance, you don’t have to worry about those late night calls. Your tenants are cared for 24/7.

Property Inspections

We perform annual inspections on all of our properties and preventative maintenance inspections at the request of our owners to ensure that your property is being well maintained by your tenants.

Online Visibility

When advertising for a new tenant during vacancy, we use a wide array of online sources such as Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, and more to guarantee your property has the visibility you need to secure a qualified tenant in a timely manner.

Impressive Service

Our team is dedicated to meeting your ongoing needs. Don’t overlook the value of turning to us for help anytime.

Peace of Mind

We’re here to take care of the day to day issues of managing your property. Give yourself the peace of mind knowing our experience is here to work for you.

Dedicated Property Management Services

At Hawes Real Estate, we understand all our clients expect exceptional service through properly managed real estate. Are you a Menifee Valley or Temecula Valley property owner? Do you want to lease that space out and maximize your potential returns? Are you wondering how to do so without having to be hands-on all of the time? We’re here to help you.

We’ll roll up our sleeves and get to work managing your property wisely. Our Menifee Valley & Temecula Valley property management services are customized to fit your specific needs and financial goals. We’re committed to providing you with one-on-one care for the services you need.

The benefits of using Hawes Real Estate in Menifee Valley & Temecula Valley are many:

  • Enjoy less stress. Using a property manager means you’ll spend less time on the day to day tasks of managing your property. We’re confident you would much rather spend your time with your family than with your tenants.
  • Secure better tenants. It’s easy to have qualified tenants when you have the proper screening process in place to protect your investment. We’ll handle the background check, credit check, as well as all income verification and rental history verification.
  • Expect on-time rent. By securing qualified tenants for your property, we reduce the chance of late payments.  We make it very easy for your tenants to pay their rent on time as well. They can do so 24 hours a day through our online portal. 

What You Can Expect from Our Team

When you work with Hawes Real Estate, you get hands-on support and guidance from our experienced professionals. Each one of our staff members takes pride in seeing your property maintained to the highest standard. Our years of experience in property management will help you meet your expectations from your investment property in the Menifee Valley and Temecula Valley.

We will sit down and discuss the details of your property and your expectations from it. Go over any needs or concerns your might have about renting your property. We can also explore current market conditions. We will conduct an inspection of the property and offer recommendations to you.

You’ll benefit right away from our insight and expertise in the local area. We know the Menifee and Temecula Valleys and we can help you to make the most out of owning investment property in these locations. What’s more, many of our clients actually save money by using our property management services.

How can we save you money?

  • We will help to maximize your rental income.
  • By securing quality and long term tenants we help reduce the costs of constant turnover.
  • We’ll save you money on maintenance costs.
  • Our online marketing campaigns ensure high visibility and less vacancy time.


With our experience and dedication, you can better manage your property and your time. Spend your time with your family or seeking out the next great deal in the region. We’ll handle the day to day tasks of your property. And, your tenants will appreciate it, too.

We’re committed to helping you with your investment property. We allow you to customize the services we provide to you to ensure you get exactly what you want. We hope to surpass your expectations and give you the opportunity to become a profitable property owner.

Let’s talk about how we can help you. Contact us today to learn more about our property management services in the Menifee Valley and Temecula Valley areas.

For the past two years, I have been with Hawes Real Estate Property Management and that period has been my happiest time of my life. I had been managing my rental income properties for more than 20 years and I got overwhelmed by hassles and headaches of running the whole affair. It was then that I decided to interview various companies that manage rental income properties and eventually found Hawes to be honest, personable and highly professional.

Tina Mallow

The management of my properties has been under Hawes Real Estate for the past 30 years and their excellent service has been one of the attributes I enjoy. On the other hand, their tenant screening process has kept my units occupied with tenants that stay long enough. That is because they appreciate the high quality maintenance of the property. More to that, every communication with the office has been prompt, which has made owners as well as tenants happy. Deciding to engage Hawes in the management of my property over that period was the best thing to do.

Bailey Blair

For over 15 years, Hawes reality has been our property manager. The process of acquiring dependable tenants for our condominium in Upland is what I dreaded. The Hawes tenant selection process has background checks, credibility, is comprehensive, and covers all other relevant details. If the tenants have a problem, the staff always notifies me promptly, and offer possible solutions as well. I recommend Hawes to anyone seeking a dependable property manager.

Sally Sanders

Our sincere appreciation for managing our rental property based on your attention to detail as well as prompt and courteous response to tenant needs, which indicates professionalism. The maintenance personnel have addressed each job promptly and to the satisfaction of our tenants too. For that and much more, we are grateful.

Harry Dean